Paid Subscriber-Only Post: Cease to Exist, Part III

Paid Subscriber-Only Post: Cease to Exist, Part III

Part III of my series on the Manson Family, fifty years later, is now up, and is for paid subscribers only. Knowing what we now know about the frightening legal chicanery surrounding the Manson prosecution, in Part III, we turn to the Hollywood culture of big money and official impunity which permeated 1969. Celebrated in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, this scene was depraved long before Charles Manson ever showed up, disciples in tow. An excerpt:

"...Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was not made in a vacuum. I don’t think Tarantino is so ignorant as to make a dripping piece of nostalgia porn with no conception for how it might play in the America where Brett Kavanaugh had been elevated to the Supreme Court, and where the charges against Kevin Spacey seem to keep falling away. The movie is his answer: he doesn’t care. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his defiant riposte against any demand that filmmakers have responsibilities to society. Tarantino’s most cherished pop cultural fixations take precedence–literally–over human dignity."

You can read the article here. Consider upgrading your subscription to paid status for the full Sullyville experience–subscribe here! Only $5 a month, less if you go long with the annual subscription. For less than the cost of a cup of overpriced coffee, you can read about this man (pictured below) and how he talks to girls:


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